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 This week we finalised proofs for our new suite of Leaving Cert poetry books: This Is Poetry: Higher Level 2017 and This Is Poetry: Ordinary Level 2017. Both books will be available to order from 1 April.

We’re thrilled with both books. As with previous editions, the new books contain:

  • The full texts of all poems prescribed for the 2017 Leaving Cert
  • Exercises that encourage students to develop a personal response
  • Detailed and accessible notes for every poem
  • Thematic overview of each poet’s work
  • Glossary of poetry terms and ideas

We’re especially thrilled about the new Higher Level edition, which is completely redesigned with a new look and feel: younger, fresher and more contemporary. The use of textboxes and capsules makes presentation clearer and more eye-catching than ever before. Just check out these page spreads:

cease2b kingfishers

But it’s not just the vibrant new design we’re excited about. The content has also been overhauled, with renewed focus on each poet, tracking the thematic threads that run through each poet’s work and linking the poems in light of each poet’s obsessions and concerns. There’s also a new emphasis on the recurring features of each poet’s style and the development of their technique over the course of their careers.

Meanwhile, This Is Poetry: Ordinary Level 2017 builds on last year’s redesigned book. The content has been fully updated and features an expanded sample answers section for both prescribed and unseen poetry.

Watch this space for more news on forthcoming titles!